Calgary Board of Education

Science Alternative Program

Mission: (Why do we exist?)

The Science Alternative Program will:

  • Encourage inquiry, wonder, creativity and confidence
  • Bring together science interested, inquisitive, creative students with committed teachers, parents and partners.
  • Demonstrate excellence in instructional strategies and practice through inquiry in all literacies (scientific, mathematical, linguistic, artistic).
  • Engage learners in study within the school as well as outside of the school at various field study locations and through the use of technology
  • Engage parents as partners who support students and the program mandate
  • Guide children as citizens to continue the life long journey of discovery and wonder, so that they may live their lives as the informed, ethical leaders of tomorrow.

Vision:  (What do we hope for?)

We envision that learners (students and teachers) and the Science School will become:

  • Active inquirers, problem recognizers/creators/solvers and communicators
  • Responsible citizens in a complex world
  • Positive contributors to scientific and human endeavors
  • Contributors to a site of demonstration of excellence in teaching and learning