Calgary Board of Education

Parking information

Our commitment to traffic safety at Langevin School

School’s commitment: 

  • Educate students about the importance of traffic safety by implementing actions throughout the school year which will inform and reinforce traffic safety around the school.
  • Provide parents with information about where to park and where to pick up their children

Parents’ commitment:

  • Support school actions by following traffic rules when picking and dropping off children.
  • Discuss and reinforce with my child the importance of following traffic safety at all times.
  • Model appropriate traffic safety when with my children.

Students’ commitment:

  • Use the sidewalk at all times and use traffic safety rules when travelling to and from school.
  • Encourage my parents to follow the traffic safety rules at all times.

Important **NEW**Information for Parents

  1. Please park in areas where you can legally park. – see the map on the reverse of this notice
  2. Do not use the school parking lots for the drop off/pick up of students, use the Park and Go Zone
  3. If you are volunteering, please park in the visitor parking spaces in the north parking lot.
  4. Most importantly, be observant of children when you are driving in a school area and model good driving practices.
  5. Obey all traffic signals and speed limits
  6. Obey school bus flashers and do not park or drop off children in the school bus zones, do not walk students between parked busses!!!

Should you have any feedback, please email

Thank you.