Calgary Board of Education

Science Program


Canadian Space Agency Partnership

The Calgary Board of Education and the Canadian Space Agency have agreed to undertake a partnership and the Science School will be the site for a number of activities which will support student and teacher learning. These include:

  • To support the Space Agency with the design and testing of their learning programs.
  • To lever Agency learning programs (e.g. distance learning) to bring Canadian space content and expertise into the classroom
  • To engage in Canadian space-focussed learning projects
  • To refer to Agency scientists and engineers for expert input in those instances in the Calgary Board of Education students engage in space-related projects, events and/or content development.

A most important part of this agreement is also to provide a link to the Agency’s website to facilitate information acquisition by students and educators within the CBE. A wealth of information about the Canadian Space Agency can be located at

The Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area

In June 2006, the Science School and the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area signed a partnership agreement that will bring benefits to both organizations.  From the Science School perspective, teachers and students will be able to continue with long term field study at this important conservation site.  The Cross Conservation Area is considered to be one of our important rural land use study sites and students of all ages will engage in study of this unique space over time.  The Science School  teachers will offer educational expertise to the program developers at the Cross Conservation area and use of our school site for special programs.  We look forward to participating in the important work of the Cross Conservation Area over the coming years.

For more information about the Cross Conservation Area, click here to access their website.

The City of Calgary - Prince's Island (Adopt-A-Park)

Since the fall of 2004, students at the Science School have enjoyed a wide variety of learning opportunities at Prince's Island Park.  We have adopted Prince's Island through the City of Calgary Adopt-A-Park Program.  The Island is an important urban field study site and offers a multitude of opportunities for learning and stewardship.  Students have done water quality studies, wildlife observation, land use inquiry and orienteering, to highlight just a few activities.  In addition, the Science School has been involved with a long-term planting and natural reclamation project located on the east end of the island.  This naturalization initiative will continue each spring and students will be able to see their willows, wild roses and other native plant species grow over the years.

Telus World of Science

The Science School and the Telus World of Science have worked together since the Program was envisioned. We have agreed to continue to support each other's work in a number of ways. We will:

  • Develop professional learning opportunities for teachers together and share our facilities when it is appropriate to do so.
  • Display any exhibits from the Telus World of Science which are in need of a home and can be accommodated within the spaces at our school.
  • Promote each other's programs to the public. (i.e., camps at the Science Center, contests, special events). More information about the Calgary Science Center can be located at: