Calgary Board of Education

Science Alternative Program

The Science Alternative Program is located at Langevin School in the northeast community of Bridgeland/Riverside. Langevin was selected over a number of other possible options due to the suitability of the facility for the study of science; ease of transportation access; minimum cost to upgrade facility;and for the central location for access for students from throughout the city. The school's inner city location, close to many of Calgary's best known public science institutions (e.g. the Calgary Zoo, Calgary Science Centre, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary); the school space itself, with its many labs and technology installations; and its access to public transportation, make it an ideal location for a school with a focus on the study of science.

Students will learn the Alberta Learning Program of Studies through "the lens of science." This means that, when feasible and possible, scientific ideas guide the learning. For example, when a study of Astronomy is undertaken, students would engage in learning experiences that may include sky sciences, history, literature, art and mathematics which are connected to this area of study. See the school website for more information about the science inquiry model for learning as well as for information about partners, application and monthly events. The Science School is supported and, in turn supports, a number of important partners. Work is ongoing with the Canadian Space Agency, Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area, City Parks and Recreation (Prince's Island Adopt a Park) and the Telus World of Science. Through these partnerships and other regular field study experiences students have access to a wide array of science experiences and technologies.