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Bus Maps & SchedulesYellow School Bus

For the 2016-17 school year, bus route maps will be available at Click here to find your child’s 2016-17 yellow school bus route map. Maps are organized by school name and route letter. Schools that have more than five buses (not including kindergarten) will also have an overview document to help parents identify their child's route map by its letter (Route A etc.).

New information on the 2016-17 bus maps includes:

  • The afternoon schedule is provided in addition to the morning schedule. The afternoon drop-off stop may be slightly different than the morning pick-up stop due to traffic patterns, for example across the street from the morning stop.
  • Early or late entry days are shown as a “variation.”
  • The number of registered riders shown on your map may change as parents continue to register their students, or students choose to access an existing stop other than the one assigned to them. 

Parents should also be aware of the following:

  • Parents are responsible for ensuring their child's safety while traveling from home to and from, and at the bus stop.
  • School bus routes were developed using all pre-registrations that were submitted by June 12, 2016.
  • Changes to routes will not be made until after Thanksgiving unless they are necessary. e.g. Road closure
  • If a student has more than one address, only the primary residence address will be used for transportation purposes. The CBE cannot provide two or more bus stops for one child; however, students are allowed to use any existing bus stop that is convenient for them as long as they have registered and paid for transportation.
  • Parents/guardians can complete a Bus Stop Change Request form.
    • The circumstances under which a stop will be reviewed are outlined on the form.
  • Bus routes or schedules are subject to change at any time during the school year.


Kindergarten to Grade 6 Students

Transportation is provided for Elementary students who live beyond the walk limit ( Walk Zone Map). Transportation registration and fee forms (including Fee Waivers) are available from the CBE website in Transportation.

Tips for Taking the Bus

  • Find out who can ride the bus, what the bus routes are by checking the websites above.
  • Practice going to the bus stop with your child so they know where to catch the bus and where to get off.
  • HAVE A BACKUP PLAN and make sure your child knows it! Many factors can cause inconsistent bus service or delays on any morning or afternoon. Your family's back-up plan will ensure your child's safety and peace of mind.

Junior High Students

Junior High students who live beyond walking distance must use Calgary Transit or alternative means to get to and from school. See the CBE's Calgary Transit information for more details about rebates and more.

Information on bus times and routes is available at the Calgary Transit website.

CBE Busing Information

You can find information regarding school bus safety regulations, parent responsibilities, CBE carriers, transporting children with special needs, contact information and first-ride information on the CBE website in Transportation.

Click the My CBE Account button below to apply for a waiver or pay fees, including transportation fees.

See the Calgary Board of Education Fees and Waivers webpage for further information.