Calgary Board of Education

School Council


What does school council do?

  • foster communication between the school and families
  • organize social functions
  • assist with school sponsored events through the year
  • organize and run a Casino through the Government of Alberta as a means of raising funds for use in the school every 18 months

How do I get involved?

We welcome participation and input from parents. Please come to our annual general meeting in the fall. We invite you to contact us at with your thoughts, ideas, concerns and feedback.

Your School Council for 2017-2018 is:

Chair: Sherry Z
Vice Chair: Erin K.
Treasurer: Tracy G.
Secretary: Kelli M.
Elem Coordinator: Amy W.
Jr High Coordinator: Rhondda S.
Volunteer Coordinator: Stephanie S.
Fundraising Coordinator: Charli B.
Key Communicator: Marissa F.