Calgary Board of Education


Provincial Achievement Test Results

The purpose of the achievement tests is to determine how well students are learning what they are expected to learn, to inform Albertans about students' achievement relative to provincial standards, and to assist schools, school authorities, and the province in monitoring and improving student learning. At Rideau Park School, PAT results and other major exams are used to gather information on student understanding throughout the year. This information is considered next to daily in-class assignments, personalized learning projects, and other formative assessments to help teachers identify learning strengths and challenges. Test results are neither the be-all and end-all of educational assessment, nor are they to be disregarded. They merely give teachers more information in regards to what students understand and are able to express.

Unlike diploma examinations which occur at the grade twelve level, the PATs in grade six do not have an effect on students' year-end grades, nor do they determine placement in courses the following year. At the grade nine level, PATs count for 15% of the student's year-end mark and, only in the most rare of circumstances does test performance change which classes students are registered in grade ten.

The following links provide helpful information to understanding Rideau Park student achievement.