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Technology & Digital Citizenship

The Calgary Board of Education is committed to helping its students thrive in the 21st century. Digital citizenship, with an emphasis on both safety and ethical behaviour, is a key component of helping CBE students use the digital technologies available to their best advantage to reach their full potential as a student within the CBE and beyond.

digital learning

Teachers at Rideau Park School continuously strive for learner success in the areas identified as the Ends of the CBE: Academic Success, Citizenship, Personal Growth, and Character. Introducing activities and lessons that explore how the Ends are met in the digital world of today is a natural extension of teaching in age of smartphones, eBooks, and iPads. This site will be continuously updated to provide you with information regarding digital learning at Rideau Park school. Please follow these links for more information on digital citizenship and innovative learning initiatives.


Rideau Park School are able to connect to the internet using their own mobile devices by logging on to the Learner-Accessible Wireless Network (LAWN).

Older students will spend time in early September discussing with their teachers ways that cellphones and personal computers can be used to benefit their learning. They will also develop acceptable norms for the use of these devices in class and at school.

This site will be updated to reflect the school's developing norms and policies.

Bring Your Own Device

Acceptable Use Policy

Students in grades 5-9 will be required to sign the Acceptable Use Policy prior to using school computers. The Policy clearly explains how students will responsibly use technology at school and home.

Rideau Park School Acceptable Use of Digital Devices Agreement (pdf)