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2017-2018 Monthly Newsletters


Principal Message | November

The month of November is an opportunity for reflection on various levels. As we see poppies being worn more frequently in the days preceding Remembrance Day, an obvious area for reflection is on the many freedoms that we, as Canadians, enjoy largely due to the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. We will observe Remembrance Day as a school community on Friday, November 10th and I also encourage you, as parents, to set a strong example in this regard by taking at least a few moments on November 11th to remember those who have sacrificed for our freedom and our country.

Another area for reflection will arise this month, as we will be holding our first round of parent-teacher interviews of the year. As we have previously shared with the parents at School Council this fall, we would like you to be aware that due to much greater complexity around teacher’s classroom assignments and teaching partners this year, we will not be able to hold interviews in the same manner as we did last year. As we are still making some final decisions on how to best address the format of these conferences, more information will be sent home shortly. Conferences will take place on the evening of November 16th and during the morning of November 17th. Parents are also reminded that especially in this technological age, there may be many times when teachers communicate with you (or you with them) outside of the traditional conference times. Parents need not feel that you need to wait for conferences to contact teachers, who can be reached by email or voicemail should you have questions or concerns. We understand that methods of communication are changing, and we do not expect every parent to attend conferences if you feel that you have adequate communication with staff regarding your child and their progress outside of this process.

Finally, at the end of this month we will reflect and celebrate our school’s 50th anniversary. Our school held its official opening on the 29th of November, 1967 and we invite you to join us on November 29th at 6:30PM to celebrate this milestone in our school’s history. Mr. Thomas B. Riley, himself, addressed those present during the official opening in 1967 and we are looking forward to hearing a brief address this month from Mr. H. Langdon, who was on staff at our when it opened. Various dignitaries have also been invited. There will, additionally, be student performances, a Canada 150 display, baked goods, slide shows and a “scavenger hunt”/open house. We hope that many of you will join us to celebrate this important event!

Have a great month!
S. Klukas, Principal