Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Ian Bazalgette School is located in the Southeast community of Dover and serves the neighbouring communities of Valley View, Erin Woods, West Dover, and Southview. The school is home to two special education classes and provides support to English Second Language students. Most of our student population attends from the local communties, with a few students who have chosen Ian Bazalgette as their home school for access to our special education classes.

The original two story building and separate gymnasium structure was built in1960 and served as the Forest Lawn High School with buildings and fields on 12.94 acres. The building was renovated and added to over the years, with a Library installation in 1978, and a lunchroom in 1982. In 2003 the academic wing of the building was upgraded to present day standards for safety and design. In 2008 most of the original building was demolished and reconstructed as a state-of-the-art complementary course wing, including a new restaurant style cafeteria and technology infused library. At the beginning of 2009 the large gymnasium was repainted as the final detail for opening the renewed Ian Bazalgette School. The school has 26 classrooms.

Ian Bazalgette school has invested in technology to provide state-of-the-art equipment for our students to benefit from the augmented teaching and learning that is available to them. They have access to three Computer labs, a Fine Arts/CTS Lab, a Communication Technology Lab, a Multimedia Lab, a Macintosh lab, and Digital Photography equipment.

The school's construction shop is also completely updated and has industry leading safety equipment and tools. This shop provides students with opportunities in woodworking, leatherwork, models, and small engine repairs.

One of the most popular complementary courses at Ian Bazalgette is our Foods and Fashion class. It is a bright space that invites learning with 5 full kitchens, Sewing and a Fashion design area,. The Music Program at Ian Bazalgette School focuses on guitar and percussion with a Music Appreciation curriculum to enrich music interest.

Our school library is a learning commons. It provides students access to literature and internet for learning lifelong skills in information analysis and critical research. The Library provides resources for all subjects at levels to support emerging readers, English Second Language Learners, and mainstream students alike.

The Ian Bazalgette Bistro is our school cafeteria. This lunchroom area boasts a full restaurant with hot meal service. Students can purchase a tasty and nutritional lunch special and other menu items on campus.

We are pleased to offer numerous activities to enhance students' junior high experience. I would encourage students, parents, and members of our neighbourhood to become involved in the Ian Bazalgette community through our sports teams and after school activities.

Our staff works hard to help students achieve their academic goals. We have high academic and behavioural expectations of Baz students.

At Ian Bazalgette School we strive to help every student achieve their best and we encourage all parents and students to join us in helping students reach their potential.

Organization and curriculum

Our school is organized into grade level teams with two Humanities and two Sciences teachers assigned to each grade.  Grade level pairs (one Humanities and one Sciences teacher) are responsible for instructing the same group of students in the basic academic program. This allows the teachers to get to know their students and collaborate in creating an exciting learning community. In addition to the foundational skills of reading writing and speaking, life skills such as problem solving, responsibility, cooperation and integrity are emphasized.  

Throughout the school year grade level teams will be providing cross-curriculum projects with focused inquiry in order for students to be active participants and therefore be able to personalize their own learning to make decisions, and develop of deeper understanding of the academic disciplines. As educators we all have a shared vision and high expectations for student achievement and behaviour.  We endeavour to present curriculum that is challenging through  varied teaching and learning approaches.  In order to meet learners where they are, classroom practice takes into account the cultural diverse nature of our learners. At Ian Bazalgette we strive to provide education that is personalized, integrated, authentic, and engaging.