Calgary Board of Education



Physical Education

Students will take part in various activities that will help them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They will grow to appreciate the importance of physical activity, while discovering essential life skills, such as cooperation, leadership, fair play and teamwork.

Regular attendance and participation in classes is expected.


  1. No food or drink is allowed in the gym, locker rooms, or stage.
  2. No electronic devices (phones, music) are allowed during PE class or intramural activities.
  3. Students must not play on or use gym equipment unless a supervising teacher or coach gives them permission.

Clothing: Students are required to change for physical education classes to facilitate proper hygiene, participation and safety in class.  Students are required to wear athletic shorts or sweat pants, t-shirt, and proper athletic footwear.  Students may need additional warm clothing for outdoor activities on cool days. Student names should appear on all items of clothing.  Bombers gear is available for purchase at the school:

T-shirt                  $10
Shorts                  $15
Sweat Pants        $20
Hoodies               $25

Lockers: Each student is assigned a gym locker with a lock, which is used to store PE clothing and shoes.  Students are advised not to leave valuables or money in their lockers, change-rooms or anywhere else where they are not fully secured. We recommend that you leave valuables at home.  The school does not assume responsibility for lost articles. 

Students should always lock their lockers and never share their combinations with anyone!

Medical Concerns:  Students are expected to participate according to their capabilities. If a student is unable to participate or, if an activity is to be restricted due to injury, a note from parents is expected. If, for medical reasons, a student is unable to participate for an extended period, a note from a doctor is required. Alternate activities and/or assignments will be assigned to students who are unable to participate fully.

Intramural Program:  Students are encouraged to participate in the lunch hour intramural programs.  Activities are designed for fun and enjoyment.

Health and Life Skills

Health and Life Skills is taught concurrently with physical education.  Throughout the year students will have classroom time set aside to cover the health curriculum.  There are three units of study:

Wellness Choices
Students will make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and others.

Relationship Choices
Students will develop effective interpersonal skills that demonstrate responsibility, respect and caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions.

Life Learning Choices
Students will use resources effectively to manage and explore life roles and career opportunities and challenges.


Ian Bazalgette “Home of the Bombers”.  Our school colors are yellow, black, and white.

Baz offers a variety of school sports including:
cross country               wrestling
soccer                          basketball
volleyball                     badminton
track & field 

Participation in athletics is a privilege.   Athletes are representatives of Ian Bazalgette School; your conduct should be exemplary. Team members pay a fee in order to alleviate associated costs. 

All students are encouraged to try out for our school teams.   Come out and get involved!