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Principal's Message | February

Welcome to the second half of the school year. Report cards have gone home as of January 31st, if you have not seen your child’s report card please contact their homeroom teacher or the main office, and we will ensure you get a new one. Additionally, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate teacher. Information about your child’s learning occurs formally through report cards but also informally through work being sent home, emails, phone calls and face to face meetings. This communication can be initiated through either the teacher or the parent. It is important that you contact us should you have any concerns with your child’s learning or well-being.

Plans are now underway for the organization and structure of Valley Creek School for next year. One of those areas is our student numbers. The CBE has numerous alternative programs which appeal to the needs and preferences of specific students and families. The deadline for alternative program applications is February 13th. If you are applying for an alternative program please contact the office so we can track potential students who may be leaving Valley Creek for the next school year.

Both our girls’ and boys’ basketball teams have begun their season with very strong starts. Congratulations to all the players on our junior and senior teams. Basketball club for younger students will start shortly. Some of our grade five classes will be heading to the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen at different times throughout February. Students will be learning about proper food preparation, proper cutting techniques, and general kitchen safety as they work through several stations preparing a nutritious meal. Some of our grade eights will be attending Story Book Theater to learn about plot and character development.

Reminder that February 28th is Pink Shirt Day. This day is set aside to bring awareness to Bully Prevention for all students. Many students have purchased specific Bully Awareness Pink shirts that they will wear on this day. We encourage all staff and students to wear pink on Pink Shirt Day. As a community we can help reduce bullying in our schools.

Jason Arrell
Principal, Valley Creek School