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Student Code of Conduct

Administrative Regulation 6005 | Student Code of Conduct (pdf)

School Council

Visit our School Council page.


Teachers' Blogs/Emails (online communication) Find your child's teacher(s) and click on their name to view their blog.


Valley Creek Cafeteria

Our lunchroom cafeteria offers a variety of items for students and staff.

Cafeteria Menu (pdf)

Wanted - parent volunteers

We welcome volunteers to our school. We appreciate your help! Please contact the office to complete the proper forms.

Click here for CBE Volunteer information.

Valley Creek Conference Manager

High School Registration

Provincial Achievement Exams

CBE Provincial testing webpage

Parent Guides for the provincial achievement tests to be written in May/June 2011 can be found at

These Parent Guides give details on the achievement tests and the curriculum details for each subject area:

The website also provides a 10 minute streaming video resource to explain to parents why these tests are needed.

Alberta Government

My child's learning: a parent resource

French Immersion at a Glance


Please be aware that a number of students in our school have life-threatening allergies, most commonly to nuts. Please avoid packing nuts and nut products in your child's lunch.


We appreciate your help in ensuring that your children attend school punctually and with minimal absences. Last year we experienced a high number of late students daily, resulting in a great deal of disruption to their learning, their peers and teachers, as well as extra work for office staff.

When you know that your child will be absent, please assist our office staff by leaving a message with the student's name, homeroom and the reason for absence on the absence line at 403-777-7995 Ext 1.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Please do not use the parking lot to drop off or pick up your children. There are signs in the lot to this effect and police may issue a ticket for failing to obey them. The volume of cars in the parking lot has caused a number of dangerous "near misses" for our students, and has caused problems for our school busses as they enter and leave the lot.

There is ample street parking along Hidden Valley Dr. and Hidden Ridge Cl. on the north and east sides of the school.

Curricula at a Glance

Internet Safety - The Internet is fantastic, but there are risks. Your involvement is essential. This site provides the tools you need to help keep your kids safe online.

"The Choking Game"

If you are concerned that your child might be involved in the dangerous practice known as the "choking game" or would like to view some resources to help you or your child understand this phenomenon, view the following links: