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Valley Creek Cafeteria

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Student e-mail


Students are reminded that coming to class on time is very important to avoid interruptions to learning, both for yourself and for your classmates.

Desire2Learn (D2L)

This year we are continuing to use an online tool called D2L . This application is designed to be a virtual extension to the classroom and allows teachers to provide students and parents with information and communication tools to enhance learning. Students/parents will log into D2L using their child's CBE id number and network password.

High School Registration

Provincial Achievement Tests

CBE Provincial testing webpage

Math/Science Links

Grades 4-6 Science related websites:

 Grades 4-6 Math

 Grade 7 Math

 Grade 7 Science

 Grade 8 Math

 Grade 8 Science

 Grade 9 Math

 Grade 9 Science

FSL Links

Lunchtime activities in the gym

A variety of activites are available for students in the gym during noon hour for specified grades.

Grade 4 Monday
Grade 5 Tuesday
Grade 6/7 Wednesday
Grade 8/9 Thursday

Teams and Clubs

Valley Creek School is a member of the Calgary Junior High Athletics Association and teams from our school participate in a number of interscholastic sports. Students in grades 6-9 are eligible to try out for teams. For many sports, clubs are offered for students in grades 4 and 5 during the season of play for that particular sport. Announcements will be made at school regarding try-outs for teams and times for clubs.

Generally, seasons of play are as follow:

Team Season
Cross Country Sept
Soccer Sept-Oct
Volleyball Sept-Oct
Wrestling Oct-Nov
Basketball Dec-Feb
Badminton Mar-Apr
Track and Field May


If you are being bullied:
  • You are not alone, lots of other kids and adults around you have experienced the same thing.
  • You are a victim and not to blame.
  • You should tell some one - don't be ashamed.  Ask or call:
    . . . a teacher or guidance counsellor
      . . . a parent or relative
      . . . a friend
  • Don't allow the bully to make you feel small -   Say nice things to yourself
  • Assert yourself . . .    Look the bully in the eye and say "STOP DOING THAT"
  • Walk away from the bully - walk out in the open or toward an adult - NOT into a corner or sheltered area!
  • Look the other way and ignore the bully
  • Join with other friends. Bullies hardly ever pick on someone if they are with others in a group
  • If someone continues to bully you or threatens you with violence, get the help of an adult immediately.
What can YOU do if you see someone else being bullied?
  • Help a friend. Try to stop the bullying. There's safety in  numbers.
  • If the situation continues or looks dangerous, get help from an adult immediately.
Internet Resources  - Bullying and Victims