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Welcome to Grade 3 - Ms. Keil's Class

Meet Ms. Keil

Hello, my name is Ms. Keil, you can call me Katie. I’ve been teaching Grade 3 at Rosedale for 7 years. The past year I have been on maternity leave after having my daughter. She will be 1 in January and I am very excited to come back to work! Ms. Vertone and I have been in close communication about the students and their learning. She has a very good understanding of the students and I feel like I already know them. I also plan on coming in for a visit in December to meet the kids and get ready for my return.
Parents tend to ask me the same questions over and over so I thought I’d send this out right away. I wanted to let you know my philosophy on a variety of things as well as our basic classroom procedures.


You can read all about what we are doing in Grade 3 here on our class blog:


I don’t like it. Students will be given as much time as possible to finish their work in class. Should they not be able to finish I may end up sending some work home to be finished. This work will have a few days before it is due as not to interfere with family time. Occasionally I will give at home assignments. These assignments will be assessed on what the student has learned and how they have presented their work to the class.

Home Reading:

Students should be doing at least 20 minutes of reading each night. They can do this with their parents or by themselves. Books should be chosen based on interest and should challenge them (if you prefer to have levelled books from the classroom your child will be responsible for choosing the books and exchanging them when necessary). I would like parents to talk to the students about what they are reading, focusing on asking them comprehension and inferencing (why do you think . . .) questions.


Words will be given on Mondays and the tests will take place Friday mornings. I encourage students to learn to spell a word and retain, rather than memorize it for a test and forget it. These words will appear on our word wall and it is expected that they will always spell them properly in class. These words will also be posted on the website.


I am available for meetings just before and after school. Please e-mail me to set up a time and let me know what the meeting will be regarding. E-mail is the best way to get a hold of me, followed by the agenda. I will be setting up a class website and updating it monthly. It will contain what we have covered this month, what to expect next month, important dates, and spelling words. When it has been updated there will be a note in the agenda. I will be sending home any class memos via e-mail in an effort to cut down on paper use.

Daily Procedures:

School starts at 8:25 and I close my classroom door at 8:30. Students must ensure that they are quick at their coat hooks and in the classroom before I close the door. If they are late then they must see the office to receive a late slip. When students are late they disrupt the other students who are on time. They will also miss our bell work which is completed within the first 5 minutes of class. Please be on time. If you cannot, please let me know ahead of time and I will not mark them absent.


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