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Grade 7

Field Trips

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Social Studies


The grade 7s are starting the year with current events. They read a newspaper created specifically for students and completed questions on their two favourite articles. After a brief review of cartography rules, students are to complete a map which relates to an article on ‘Turmoil in the Middle East’. The final current events activity is a quiz. Quizzes will be given on all four articles. Students will choose a minimum of two quizzes to complete and will receive their top two marks.
The next topic is a brief look at Canadian geography, creating a poster project which is used in conjunction with the Terry Fox Run. This will be followed up with geography review.


Data Analysis

In Grade 7 math, the students have started a new unit on data analysis. The learning outcomes for this unit are:

  • Finding the mean, median, mode and range
  • Determining the effect of an outlier on the mean, median and mode
  • Choose the most appropriate measure of central tendency
  • Express probabilities as ratios, fractions and percentages
  • Identify all possible outcomes for experiments with two independent events
  • Compare theoretical and experimental probability


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