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Grade 8


For the months of March/April students completed a novel study of The Giver. Students completed various activities around setting, plot, character and theme.


After the novel study, in April/May students split into their rotation schedule where half worked on Pixton, a comic creation website and the other half worked on Creative Writing skills through a Writer’s Workshop model. Pixton is a website that allows the teacher to create on line classrooms that students can retrieve and submit assignments on and get in class feedback on their comic creations. Students are creating comic strips focusing on various types of figurative language. The Writer’s Workshop is built around writing prompts that students can choose from. They then submit multiple drafts of their work for teacher and peer feedback.  We will be wrapping up these activities in early June and focusing on reading comprehension activities to prepare for the year end exam.

Social Studies

Ms Daniel  (


The grade 8 students are working on a Golden Age of Culture project. They have a choice to complete a multi-topic booklet (7 topics with visuals) or an in-depth study of one topic, which includes creating an artifact and an oral presentation. This project is due on Friday, Feb 28th.


The grade 8 students started the discussion about world view and what impacts an individual’s world view. To demonstrate their knowledge of this concept they created graphic organizers. As the municipal election approached students were assigned a candidate to research and create a forum introduction campaign. If the students chose to work in a pair they were also responsible to create one campaign item. Eg yard sign, flyer, button etc  Students voted in class for their choice of mayor, ward 7 councillor and ward 6/7 school trustee. A discussion of their results and the official results completed our time on the election. Our focus will now return to the regular curriculum and the time period before the Renaissance, in particular a look at the Silk Road.


The grade 8s are starting the year with current events. They read a newspaper created specifically for students and completed questions on their two favourite articles. After a brief review of cartography rules, students are to complete a map which relates to an article on ‘Turmoil in the Middle East’. The final current events activity is a quiz. Quizzes will be given on all four articles. Students will choose a minimum of two quizzes to complete and will receive their top two marks.
The following topic will be Worldview. The grade 8s will look at perspective and start to  learn about the how six factors impact their, and other’s, worldview. The students will be creating a visual web (mind map)  to represent their learning of these factors.


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