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Principal's Message | November

Hello Rosedale Families,

Dear Parents / Guardians,

November is always an important month of the year. It is a time to reflect on our Canadian values and the sacrifices made by many to ensure our Rights and Freedoms are protected for all generations. As our students explore the theme of ‘Curious, Respectful, Connected’ this year, it is important that we pause and reflect on how Canada’s legacy of inclusion, diversity and peace and order has been established and maintained despite these traits not being universally respected across the world.

A focus for this month will be looking at how we are curious about our learning and the world. To be curious is defined as eager to know or learn something. Being curious is a powerful tool for learners. Research suggests that intellectual curiosity has as big of an effect on performance as hard work. When put together, curiosity and hard work account for success just as much as intelligence. According to Developmental Psychologist Marilyn Price-Mitchell, there are ten things we can do to help stimulate a child’s curiosity:

1. Value and reward curiosity.

2. Teach students how to ask quality questions.

3. Notice when kids feel puzzled or confused.

4. Encourage students to tinker.

5. Spread the curiosity around.

6. Use current events.

7. Teach students to be skeptics.

8. Explore a variety of cultures and societies.

9. Model curiosity.

10. Encourage curiosity at home.

So I encourage us all to take the time this month to be curious and remember: The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.


Graeme Finlay