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Communication - Home Logic

Home Logic is an online environment allows parents/guardians to check their child’s progress throughout the school year.


Iris is a web-based teaching and learning application consisting of student learning plans, learner profiles, a resource library and teacher/administrator workspaces. Iris brings together student voice, learning data and best research in supporting teachers and administrators in making well-informed instructional decisions for each student. It supports students in understanding themeselves as learners and making informed decisions.

Assessment and Reporting

We know that it is important for families to know how their child(ren) are doing in school. Teachers use instruction and assessment to gather information about students' progress. This information can then be used to help direct and improve future learning and/or to provide parents with a grade/evaluation of student progress through the reporting process.

At Colonel Macleod we will have report cards in January and June. There are also three opportunities for parents, students and teachers to communicate in person at parent-teacher conferences. These will take place in October, December and April and will be booked electronically using the link on our homepage.

Students with Individualized Program Plans (IPPs)

One way in which we assist students identified with special needs is through the IPP process. An IPP is a concise plan of action designed to address students' special education needs. The Learning Team, which may include the student, teacher, parents and other school staff, works to identify goals and strategies to address the student's unique needs. Students do not qualify for an IPP unless they meet the diagnostic criteria established by Alberta Education.

Curriculum Handbook for Parents

Curriculum Handbooks for Parents, Curriculum Summaries for Kindergarten to Grade 9 are now available on the Alberta Education website at . They may be downloaded for viewing and printing as required. The handbooks are also available for purchase from the Learning Resources Centre at 780-427-2767 (toll-free by first dialing 310-0000). An order form can be found on the website.

Alberta Education Curriculum Handbook for Parents

Wireless Student Network

A wireless student network (LAWN) for internet access using student owned personal electronic devices is provided at Colonel Macleod School. The focus of this network is on student learning, which is the only approved use. Students using the LAWN and other forms of technology around the school are responsible for appropriate use and behavior as per the Digitial Citizenship policy. A copy is printed in the handbook section of the student agenda. Parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss the learning opportunities and the risks with their son or daughter. Be assured that the content filtering that is normally used to filter inappropriate materials on the school’s internal network will also be applied to the open access network.

In November 2016, Colonel Macleod School adopted a cell phone policy to provide clear guidelines around the use of personal electronic devices. A copy of the policy can be found here: cmac cell phone policy 2017.pdf

As with any personal belonging that a student brings to school, the school can not be responsible for electronic devices that are lost, stolen or damaged. Bringing such belongings is completely optional, and the decision around whether or not to do so is entirely up to the students together with their parents.

Thank you for your attention to this important information. For more information, visit the CBE website at

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