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Frozen & Energy Drinks

Students, because we value the importance of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and due to the many issues that sometimes arise when students bring frozen drinks (such as, but not limited to Slurpees, iced-coffees, etc) and energy drinks into the school, these are NOT allowed inside of the building at any time. Students who do not comply will be asked to either finish their drink outside (if there is still time remaining in the lunch break) or dispose of their drink in the garbage. You may not store the drink in your locker, as there have been numerous instances when these have spilled causing a large mess. Unfortunately, we are not able to reimburse or compensate students when they are asked to dispose of their drink.

Cell Phone Policy

In November 2016, Colonel Macleod School adopted a cell phone policy to provide clear guidelines around the use of personal electronic devices. A copy of the policy can be found here: cmac cell phone policy 2017.pdf

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