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Band Program & Band Parents Association

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Band Program

Research has found that students enrolled in music and Band programs are more academically successful and value many social opportunities and experiences for success in school. We offer a comprehensive Band program at Colonel Irvine. Our students perform exceptionally well at concerts and performances including the Calgary Performing Arts Festival (formally known as Calgary Kiwanis Festival). Although Band is a course for some and an option for others, offered during the day, the nature of the program involves lunch or after school practices as well as a commitment to evening performances such as the Winter and Spring Concerts and participation in the Festival performances.

Due to the progression of the Band program from year to year, students interested should choose band in their early years of school at Colonel Irvine, grades 5 or 7. Entering later is extremely difficult and is only done with the permission of the Band teacher.

Colonel Irvine Band Parents Association (CIBPA)

This is a registered fundraising group made up of parents/guardians of Colonel Irvine Band students. As not all Irvine students participate in the Band Program, a separate group is required to fundraise and organize parent volunteers specifically for the Band Program.

In the past, CIBPA has supported/subsidized Band Camp, Band clinics, bussing to field trips, Band concerts, etc. As these and many other opportunities are offered to Band students through the Band Program, fundraising activities run throughout the year to support them including selling Admazing coupon books, cookie dough, etc.

CIBPA (Band Parent) Meetings

Our meetings are usually held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in either the staff room or Learning Commons. All parents/legal guardians of Colonel Irvine Band students are welcome!

To view CIBPA minutes or financials, please contact us at the information below. Digital or paper copies are available for all Colonel Irvine Band parents/guardians.

CIBPA (Band Parent) Contact Info


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