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What are the School Council and Parent Advisory Association?

We are parents/guardians of Irvine students just like you! In fact, all Irvine parents/guardians are automatically members of CISC. Come join us as we support our school community, students and staff by advocating for parent perspectives, advising school administration, fundraising, and much more! Our meetings are open to all Irvine parents/guardians and we are always eager to hear from you! Working together, we can make the Irvine school community an amazing learning environment for all our students!

The Colonel Irvine School Council (CISC) is comprised of parents/guardians, the principal and a teacher representative who meet regularly to discuss issues, celebrate achievements, hear about upcoming school events/activities, support the school administration, and make recommendations about to our school. Be informed and be a part of the discussion by joining us at our meetings!

The Colonel Irvine Parent Advisory Association (CIPAA) is a registered group that raises funds for school programs and activities. Members are generally comprised of the same volunteers as the CISC. Fundraising activities include hosting a casino approximately every 18 months as well as other fundraising events throughout the school year.

When are CISC/CIPAA Meetings and who can attend?

Our meetings are usually held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in either the staff room or Learning Commons. Both CISC & CIPAA meetings are held on the same date and follow one after each other. All parents/legal guardians of Irvine students are very welcome to attend!
Note: while childcare is not provided, children are welcome to quietly occupy themselves at tables nearby while you attend the meeting.

Meeting Minutes


Documents are in pdf format. To view/download these pdfs, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To view CISC or CIPAA minutes or financials, please contact us. Digital or paper copies are available for all Irvine parents/guardians.

What is the Colonel Irvine Band Parent’s Association (CIBPA)?

Not all Irvine students participate in the Band Program so as a result, there is a separate parent/guardian volunteer group that fundraises specifically for Irvine Band Program activities (eg. Band camp, band clinics, bussing to field trips, etc). All parents/guardians of Irvine students in the Band program are invited to participate in CIBPA!

More information about the Band Program, CIBPA executive, minutes, & meetings

How do you connect with CISC/CIPAA?

We are YOUR representatives, supporting our Irvine school community (students, staff and parents/guardians)! So we want to know what is important to you and what you would like us to work on over the next few years. Feel free to contact us at:

Colonel Irvine School Council (CISC) & Colonel Irvine Parent Advisory Association (CIPAA)

Mail: 412 Northmount Drive NW, Calgary, AB, T2K 3H6
Phone: 403-777-7280 (please leave message with school staff)

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