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Get Safe ONline::Resources for parents, teachers and young people. This site has an abundance of resources and ideas aimed at teaching safe online behaviour. It discusses internet filtering, setting rules for internet use with children, protecting children online and so much more.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has a collection strong in history, literature and music. The Learning Centre allows us to open our vaults to all Canadians by making some of our treasures available online. Students gain access to material that will enrich their learning experience."

Here is a link to All Things PLC - a site with information regarding Professional Learning Communities.

Information about Bullying for parents is available at As well, there are sites available dirrected at children 3 to 11 and teens.

Tools for Parents regarding Web Safety are available at this site has many resources and can provide a starting point for generating discussions about Internet issues with your children.

Below are a number of links you might find useful in researching various topics.

  • Curriculum Summaries
    This link will take you directly to Alberta Education's summary of curriculum guides.
  • The Alberta Learning Web site
    Alberta Learning's website. Follow the links to obtain curriculum guides, learning resources and information about various programs.
  • The Alberta Online Learning Reference Center Web site
    Alberta Learning's Online Learning Resource for Albertans. Contact the school for your username and password and you can see digital video,animations, lab demonstrations, simulations, interactive discovery tools and reference materials that support what is being taught at Colonel Irvine.
  • Awesome Library
    A web review site. Awesome library provides descriptions of recommended sites and highlights those links it considers to be part of its top 5% in education.
  • Cyberlibrarian's Rest Stop
    A web directory as well as it's a practical collection of tools for making the most of the Internet.
  • Digital Librarian
    A directory of Internet resources covering some 90 categories and a Google search to help serious researchers in making the most of their online research time.
  • Internet Library for Librarians
    This I site presents a highly categorized collection of links useful in research.
  • Mad Cybrarian's Library
    Find every online version of various authors' works in full text ready to be accessed for use in your research.

Special Needs

The sites in the following table provide information and resources for parents and teachers related to students with special needs.

Resources related to Autism and Asperger's Disorder Autism Society
Asperger and Autism Information
Information regarding hearing disabilities / cochlear implants Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Practical information and strategies related to learning disablilities. Learning Disabilities and Practical LD information
National Center for Learning Disablilites
Mental health and issues affecting youth NMHA Factsheet Index
Understanding ADHD and resources CHADD Live
Research-based information to guide your work with children with disabilities and developmental delays National Center for Dissemination for Children with Disabilities
Information about and resources related to Tourette Syndrome Tourette Syndrome Association
Tourette Syndrome Plus
Information related to Cerebral Palsy United Cerebral Palsy

Staff Links

The sites below have been submitted by staff for you to visit

Internet Address Subject Area Special Notes Science Explore the world of robots and human-computer interaction. Math The National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives. Depending on your computer setup, it may work slowly as simulations are Java based. Math A virtual manipulative site with interactive activities. Social Studies The Canadian Museum of Civilization. Social Studies The Virtual Museum of Canada. Social Studies Encyclopedia Britannica. Very specific focus but excellent resource site. All All All All All All Contact the health teacher at the school for username and password All Online book club for students All Teachers and Parents Teachers and Parents Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Math Science  


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