Calgary Board of Education

School Beliefs and Philosophy

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Vision Statement

As a community of life-long learners we respect diversity and encourage individuals to assume responsibility for their education and development in a caring environment.

Colonel Irvine Belief Statements

We Believe That:

  1. Students will develop and accept responsibility for their behaviour and learning.
  2. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in school.
  3. Students will be guided towards a sense of social responsibility to all people in our society.
  4. Students will respect the rights and property of others..
  5. Students will foster a desire for learning and the importance of pride by "doing their best".
  6. We will meet the individual needs of all our students through developmentally appropriate programs that allow for student success.
  7. All children are special, talented and important and will be challenged to achieve their maximum potential.
  8. Learning requires the active involvement of the learner in a supportive environment.
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