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School Food Allergens Policy

On behalf of some of our students and their parents, I am writing for you to please be aware that some of our students and staff have potentially life threatening allergies to peanuts, nuts, fish, etc. If any of these allergens, even the tiniest amount, enters the body through their eyes, nose or mouth, they experience very strong reactions. Their face swells and breaks out in hives, and throat swells and tightens. Without immediate medical treatment they could die within minutes.

All of our school staff, including lunch program staff, have been made aware of this situation, and have been instructed in the correct procedures regarding anaphylactic shock by the public health. Prevention, of course, is the best approach for reducing the risk of a severe reaction; therefore we are requesting your cooperation in refraining from sending these food products, peanuts and nuts, to school with your child. Even though students are allergic to peanuts and peanut products, we have included tree nuts in our request because most nuts are processed with peanuts and are, therefore, contaminated with peanuts. We also request that we are informed of severe medical allergies by you completing the medical forms and/or coming into the main office. Parents need to inform their children about these allergies and their possible reactions. At this age, students need to be making informed decisions. Our lunch staff do not prepare food with nuts however if your child has an allergy please ask them to check with the lunch staff prior to purchasing food. We also recommend that sharing snacks and lunches is potentially dangerous and we ask that you remind your children to not share or accept a lunch. There is always the possibility that a neutral apple for example was packed beside a handful of nuts causing something called cross – contamination, which means that the apple has been contaminated by the allergen.

We realize this may pose an inconvenience to you when preparing your student’s snack and lunch and we want to express our appreciation for your support and understanding about this severe allergy. Sharing information is the best way to avoid this serious medical concern. Should you have any further questions or concerns please contact the Principal.

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