Calgary Board of Education


Welcome back!

It’s early in the school year bur interschool athletics program is already in full swing. Our boys and girls soccer teams are already approaching the midway point of their season, our cross country team is into their third week of preparation for their upcoming races and volleyball tryouts start next week.

Upcoming events


  • BOYS - September 13 – Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert @ Bob Edwards 4:00pm
  • GIRLS - September 14 – Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert @ Bob Edwards 4:00pm
  • **Playoffs begin on September 28th for girls and October 2nd for boys**

Spectators are welcome but asked to watch from the east side of the soccer field. It can be difficult for coaches and players to focus on the game when surrounded by spectators.

Cross Country

  • September 20 – Race 1: Confederation Park
  • September 25 – Race 2: Nose Hill Park
  • October 3 – Race 3: Canmore Park

Please note that races begin at 5:00pm with the start of the Grade 6 girls and wrap up at 6:30pm with the finish of the Grade 9 boys.

It is not too late for students to join the cross country team. This is a no cut program which means that any student who wishes to join is welcome to do so at any point during the season.


Tryouts begin the week of September 18 with the senior tryouts on September 18th and 19th followed by the junior tryouts on September 20th and 21st. Please note that Grade 8 students are now eligible to try out for both junior and senior teams.

Upcoming Interschool Sports
Sport Season of Play
Wrestling November 13 – January 26
Basketball January 8 – March 25
Badminton April 3 – May 15
Track and Field April 4 – May 31

Please be aware that we cannot start tryouts/practices prior to the first day of the season of play.