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School Safety Program

During the year we will be holding 6 Fire drills and 2 evacuation/ practice lock downs in order to ensure that students are familiar with each important process. We will endeavor to avoid doing these practices in inclement weather in order to provide a better learning experience for the students.

Evacuation Site For Bob Edwards

Should there be an emergency requiring us to evacuate the building our emergency site is Saint Mark’s Elementary School (Far north end of school field).

Bus Transportation Information

During inclement weather, please check the School Bus Monitor in order to determine the punctuality of buses. Please ensure that students are dressed appropriately and are not exposed to the elements for a dangerous amount of time while waiting for a bus.

Any student who wishes to change buses on a short term basis must provide a note to the office to be signed by an administrator. Students who have not completed and submitted a bus contract cannot access the buses under any circumstances.

Buses depart from the school punctually ten minutes after the dismissal bell. Any student missing the school bus will need to contact a parent to arrange transportation home.

Parking and Dropping Off Students

Please drop off/pick-up your child away from the designated bus zone areas at the front and the side of the school. If you park on the street avoid Marcombe Dr. during drop-off and pick-up times. We have many buses and it can be very congested when they arrive. Busses will be lining up on the side street and in front of the school 15 minutes before school and for 15 minutes after school dismissal. If pulling up in front of the school, please pull forward toward the tennis courts and outside of the designated bus zone.

To avoid any traffic violation tickets, do not park in cross walk areas or on the corners of the streets beside the school. Avoid doing any u-turns around the school and please refrain from using the staff parking lot to pick-up or drop off students. If waiting for your child for more than a few moments please do not idle your car for extended periods of time.

Visitor parking in available the back parking lot. Help keep all our students safe.

Digital Citizenship

Parents and students, please remember that the use of electronic devices in classes is up to the individual teacher’s discretion and that the student’s device must be used for educational purposes at all times. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen devices. The buying and selling of electronic devices at school is strictly prohibited. As a school staff, we are committed to helping your child become a responsible digital citizen and encourage you to have a conversation with your child about digital citizenship. For more information, please refer to your child’s School Information Package (also located on the website) as well as Digital Citizenship Form that went home at the beginning of the year.

Physical Education

The Bob Edwards Physical Education program offers our students a variety of sports throughout the school year. These sports include soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, archery and track and field to name a few. Students are evaluated on effort, teamwork, attitude, skill and fitness. All students are provided with a gym locker and lock. They are expected to change from their street clothes into a t-shirt, shorts and tie up running shoes. Sweat pants and hoodies are also acceptable. In order for a student to be exempt from gym class, a note from a doctor or parent is requested. Health and Wellness is another aspect of our program. Topics covered include wellness choices, relationship choices and life learning choices. We look forward to a great school year!

High School Registration

Students will begin the registration process for High School at the end of Term 2. Teachers will make placement recommendations for grade 10 classes on these forms, and they will be sent home to be signed, and then sent off to the High Schools to be processed.

Recommendations are based on the student's progress and achievement throughout the school year. The schools have requested that we do not make recommendations based on the student's ability or potential, but only based on what they have achieved. This is why we have been stressing the importance of academic success to the students so heavily in their grade 9 year. The recommendations are not set in stone, so students who have achieved lower than their desired goals still have half the year to increase their achievement to get the best possible placements, which will be reviewed in June.
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