Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

The school was built in 1954 and is situated on 6.6855 acres. The school has 28 classrooms, music room, drama room, art room, computer lab, science rooms, library, 2 gyms (one small and one larger), a cafeteria and 2 creative playgrounds. The school hosts a Kindergarten through Grade 9 English, Grade 7-9 Late French Immersion and Grades 5-9 Continuing Immersion classes. The school was named after the community in which it is situated.

Elboya Mission Statement

Elboya School promotes a safe, secure and supportive community, which fosters lifelong learning and integrity, and recognizes the diversity of individuals thus enabling them to reach their full potential through “Learning Excellence” and “Building Community”.

Elboya Statement of Purpose

Elboya School has Kindergarten to Grade 9 classes drawn from a variety of communities. It offers a school-wide English Program; Grade 5 to 9 Continuing French Immersion and Grades 7-9 Late French Immersion programs. As an extension of the family and home environment, the school builds upon students' broad backgrounds and experiences to help them connect prior learning to their school learning. High, consistent expectations are held for student effort, student success, and student leadership.

The best possible learning environment is one of cooperation and teamwork where there is caring, trust and respect. This environment encourages risk taking within a dynamic, challenging climate which develops creativity, respects a variety of learning styles, builds a positive self-image, develops a love of learning and recognizes that mistakes are part of the learning process. Lifelong learning requires personal ownership and responsibility for excellence through goal setting and decision-making. Academic, artistic, environmental, musical, physical, technological and thinking skills support such learning.

The education of our children is a shared mission involving parents, students, staff and community. The needs of all are met in an open environment, which recognizes gender issues and encourages optimism, a sense of belonging, and fairness. The relationship between the home and the school is a close partnership developed through shared philosophy, expertise, and an ethical perspective.The guiding principles of “Learning Excellence” and “Building Community” are filters for our work together.

Elboya School Motto

Learning & Leading Together.

Elboya School Colours, Symbol & Mascot

Elboya's school colors are red, white and black. Our symbol is the falcon and our mascot is Inferno, le Predateur.

Elboya Unique Features

  • Teaching and learning are the top priority
  • A dynamic and challenging learning climate
  • Sheltered Kindergarten through Grade 4 classes
  • Middle school model for grades 5-9
  • All students, K-9 work and learn together
  • Library resources and facility to support learning
  • Elboya House System: Buzzards, Snowy Owls, Night Hawks, Ospreys
  • FSL Instruction Kindergarten - 9
  • Intensive French for Grade 5 Students
  • English as a Second Language support Kindergarten - 9
  • Specialists in Music, P.E. and French
  • Tutoring support
  • Outstanding Drama Program with Spring Perfomance
  • Award winning Band & Music Program
  • Outstanding Leadership Program
  • Engaging Woodworking Option
  • Strong Environmental & Outdoor Education Program
  • Strong Technology program with student access to wireless and networked computers
  • Junior high cafeteria and elementary lunch supervision.
  • Cultural Trip in Grade 9 to Quebec