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Upcoming Events

Apr. 3 Classes Resume
Apr. 4-7 Grade 7 Royal Tyrell
Apr. 5 Gr. 7—Royal Tyrell
Gr. 9 Badminton Div.
Apr. 6 Gr. 6 Band Tours
Gr. 9 Badminton Div
Apr. 7 Organization time
Apr. 10 Gr. 7 Badminton Div.
Apr. 11 Rock Climbing Gr. 7
Gr. 7 Badminton Div.
Apr. 14 Good Friday
Apr. 17 CBE Non Instruction Day
Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences 8:30 –1:30
Apr. 18 Friday Schedule
Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences 2:00-4:00 and 5:00-7:00
Apr. 19 School Council
Gr. 8 Badminton Div.
Apr. 20 Gr. 8 Badminton Div
Apr. 21 & 22 Outdoor Leadership
Skills Camp Part III
Apr. 24-28 Gr. 9 Ottawa Trip
Apr. 24 ELL at Telus Spark
May 1 Grade 6 Tours 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
May 4 Track Meet
May 9 Grade 9 Language Arts PAT
Jazz Spring Concert Grade 8/9
May 10 Grade 9 Bike Trip
Jazz Spring Concert Grade 8/9
May 11 Multicultural Fair
May 12 Grade 7 Band Trip to Red Deer
May 15 Grade 7 Band Trip to Red Deer
May 16 Grade 7 Band Trip
Grade 7 Outdoor Leadership skills Camp
May 17 Grade 8 Bow Valley Tour
Grade 7 Band Trip
School Council Meeting
May 19 CBE Non-Instruction Day - No School
May 22 Victoria Day - No School
May 24-
June 2
Grade 8 Outdoor Leadership Sunshine Coast Adventure

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In addition, if you want to receive any text messages from our school, you need to opt-in by texting the word YES to the six-digit number 724665.



Check out this tribute to teachers which features some of Vincent Massey students

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