Calgary Board of Education

For Parents

General Regulations

At Vincent Massey, we believe that students....

  1. will demonstrate a respect for the learning environment of others.
  2. will demonstrate a respectful behaviour towards students, staff and visitors.
  3. will demonsrate a respectful attitude towards student and school equipment.
  4. will jeopardize their opportunity to attend Vincent Massey if they choose to break the law.

In addition to the above basic rules, students need to be aware of the following expectations.

  • Students are not to have cell phones or pagers during school hours.
  • There is to be no smoking in the school building, on school property or within direct vision of the school.
  • Any student in possession of, under the influence of, or associated with anyone having to do with drugs or alcohol is subject to suspension.
  • Students who engage in physicial violence or harassment may be subject to suspension from our school.
  • Back alleys and private yards are OFF LIMITS to students.