Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities

Dr. Oakley School is a CBE resource for students, parents, community schools, professional support workers and the community at large. The school is part of the array of services that the CBE provides to students from grade 3 to 9 with complex learning disabilities.

Our Goals

  • Students will develop literacy skills, learning strategies and self-advocacy skills that promote educational achievement.
  • To serve the direct learning needs of students, while collaborating with other CBE professionals.
  • Students will transition successfully back to their community schools.

Our Learners

  • Have identified complex learning disabilities that impacts literacy learning.
  • Have average to above average cognitive abilities, but achieve below potential.
  • Require a short-term intensive literacy program, learning strategy instruction, inclusive technology support and self-advocacy strategies.

Our Program

  • A maximum of 155 students organized into eight multi-aged classes.
  • A focus on balanced literacy instruction, learning strategies and self-advocacy skills.
  • Grade level instruction in content areas such as Science and Social Studies.
  • Low student:teacher ratio for small group and personalized instruction.
  • Parents play an active role.
  • All students have a designated laptop complete with a variety of inclusive technology software.