Calgary Board of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child attend Dr. Oakley School?

Students who attend Dr. Oakley School have complex learning difficulties and significant delays (more than 2 years) in reading and writing. Dr. Oakley School provides an intensive literacy program with the goal of transitioning the students back into their neighbourhood school in two years. Students must have a diagnosis done by a psychologist of a Learning disability and an Alberta Education Code 54.

How do I get my child into Dr. Oakley School?

Decisions around a child coming to Dr. Oakley begin with a child's school and parents in a School Learning Team conversation. The Area Learning Team will need to be involved in a conversation around the child's needs and areas of growth. Only through a group decision may an application be made by the school. Students will be brought forward to a placement meeting for consideration. Placement meetings generally occur in February and March of any given year. Students accepted via the process will be offered placements for the following August.

Is there a waiting list?

There is no waiting list. If an opening occurs, there will be a mini placement meeting as it becomes necessary.

Is there a Kindergarten Program?

Dr. Oakley School serves Calgary students from Grades 3 to 9.

What are the school hours?

Dr. Oakley School is on a modified calendar

School Hours: 8:40 to 12:00 12:45 to 3:05

How are the classes organized and what is the student/teacher ratio?

Students are grouped into seven multi-aged teams. There are 18 students in each team with two teachers. The student-teacher ratio is 9:1. In addition there are four full-time teachers to support student learning. There is a full-time Physical Education specialist, a full-time Librarian/Technology specialist, and two full-time Literacy Specialists. These specialists work with the teams on a daily basis, further reducing the student-teacher ratio during those times.

Are there special fees?

There is a CBE Instructional Supplies and Materials Fee of $30.00 for Elementary students and $105.00 for Junior High, as well as a $10.00 lunchroom activity fee.

What supplies will I be responsible to provide?

All students will need a backpack and indoor shoes. School supplies will be provided and teachers will let you know if your student needs to bring anything else.

What about transportation?

All students are bussed to Dr. Oakley School. There is a transportation fee to be paid by parents. You may apply to have this fee waived if you qualify. Lunchroom supervision will be provided as a part of the transportation fees.

How long will the bus ride be?

Some students may have bus rides of up to an hour depending on how far they live from the school and how many other students are on the bus. Many students use this time to listen to music or work on their homework.

What is Later Literacy?

The Later Literacy© Program is a one-on-one reading and writing intervention program for division 2 and division 3 students led by a trained Later Literacy © teacher. This short-term intervention program is designed to engage students in literacy learning experiences to acquire the necessary knowledge, attitudes and strategies to function as independent readers and writers. This intervention program is designed to supplement, not replace, the literacy program in the classroom.

What about academics?

Dr. Oakley School provides an intensive literacy program. Our focus is on reading and writing. The full Mathematics curriculum is followed, depending on student ability. Science, Social Studies and French curriculum are not completely covered during the two years students spend at Dr. Oakley. Some topics may be covered as a part of a child's literacy program.

What is an IPP?

Any student who has an Alberta Education coding has an IPP. These initials stand for Individual Program Plan. This is a document that outlines and details the student's program based on the student's individual learning needs. Each student attending Dr. Oakley School will have an IPP.

What about technology?

Technology is used extensively at Dr. Oakley School with an emphasis on Assistive Technology. Each student has a personal laptop that they use daily for their learning. It is loaded with Assistive Technology software such as Read and Write Gold and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Can I volunteer at the school?

Volunteers are welcome at Dr. Oakley School. All volunteers must complete the CBE Volunteer forms and a Police Security Clearance.

Is there a School Council?

There is an active School council who meet once a month. Times and dates are posted on the website.