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February 5th - Safer Internet Day

The CBE values internet safety.  On Tuesday, February 5, 2013 has been designated internationally as Safer Internet Day. This will be the 10th annual Safer Internet Day, and schools are invited to download a variety of resources from the Insafe website. In Canada, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection has developed a range of information resources and activities, including an online comic for elementary-aged students, to help teachers, students and parents develop safe habits with respect to technology and the Internet. These resources are available on their Program and Resources website.

Other resources:

Be Web Aware - Be Web Aware is a national, bilingual public education program on Internet safety. The initiative was developed and supported by MediaSmarts, Bell and Microsoft Canada.

Your Digital Presence –’s resources and tools to support digital life skills.

Digital Citizenship Policy Development Guide – Alberta Education’s guide for school authorities.

Read Write Think - How to be safe online( online-30119.html)

NetSmartz -NSTeens resources empower tweens (children ages 8 - 12) to make safer online choices  (


There are a number of resources that are available directly through CORE (

Login to CORE first before selecting the links below :

Digital Citizenship in the CBE - Digital Citizenship is having the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to demonstrate responsible and respectful behaviour when using technology or participating in digital environments. (

MyWorldMediaSmarts resources for Grades 9 to 12, containing information on authenticating online information, reputation and privacy management, dealing with online relationships and ethical use of the Internet. Alberta Education has licensed this resource for Alberta teachers and student. (  

Passport to the Internet– A MediaSmarts resource for Grades 4 to 8, aimed at helping students to develop critical thinking skills for their online experiences. Alberta Education has licensed this resource for Alberta teachers and students. (

Internet Safety for Kids - Discusses five ways for children to stay safe online, how to avoid being targeted by Internet predators and the importance of sharing online experiences with a parent or trusted adult. (


Exploring Digital Citizenship Principles - Dig into challenges and issues that are often encountered in classrooms and apply your understanding of good digital citizenship principles in this mini professional learning package. (