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Grade 7 Science


Textbook: Science Focus 7

e-textbook is not available

Students will be assigned a textbook




Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

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Interactions & Ecosystems

Plants For Food & Fibre

Heat & Temperature

Structures & Forces

Planet Earth








Grade 7 Field Trip Forms

Interactions Within An Ecosystem

People & Plants

Using Energy From Heat

Types Of Structures


Bridges Tour

Field Trip Form

Human Impacts On Ecosystems

Plant Structure & Adaptations

Measuring Temperature

Describing Structures

Rocks & The Rock Cycle

Tyrell Museum

Field Trip Form

Environmental Choices

Plant Reproduction & Breeding

The Particle Model Of Matter

Mass & Forces



How Organisms Interact

Meeting The Need For Food & Fibre


Forces, Loads, & Stresses

The Moving Crust


Cycles In The Environment

Sustaining The Soil

Thermal Energy

How Structures Fail



Succession & Change In Ecosystems

Pests & Pest Control

Expansion & Contraction

Designing With Forces



Environmental Monitoring

Unit 2 Review

The Particle Model & Change Of State

Stable Structures



Unit 1 Review


Transferring Energy

Unit 4 Review





Sources of Thermal Energy


Time Line Of Earth’s History




Conserving Our Fossil Fuels


Fossil Fuels




Unit 3 Review


Unit 5 Review