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Grade 8 Science


Textbook: Science Focus 8

e-textbook is not available

Students will be assigned a textbook




Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Unit 5

Other Info/Forms/Links

Mix & Flow Of Matter

Cells & Systems

Light & Optics

Mechanical Systems

Fresh & Salt Water








Grade 8 Field Trip Forms

Matter On The Move

Living Organisms

What Is Light


A World Of Water

Bow Valley Glacial Lake Calgary

Mixing & Dissolving I


Mirrors & Surfaces

Mechanical Advantage

Earth’s Frozen Water


Mixing & Dissolving II

The Cell & Its Structure



Fresh Water Systems


Separating Earth’s Mixtures

Fluid Movement In Cells


Wheel & Axle

The Oceans I


Flow Rate & Viscosity

Cell Specialization & Organization

Human Vision


The Oceans II



Body Systems In Humans

Lenses & Vision


Living In Water



Body Systems & Your Health

Extending Human Vision

The Inclined Plane

Water Management


Fluid Pressure

Unit 2 Review

The Source Of Colors

The Screw

Water Quality


Fluid Systems


The Wave Model Of Light

The Wedge

Unit 5 Review


Unit 1 Review


Beyond Light

Energy, Friction, & Efficiency





Unit 3 Review

Hydraulics & Pneumatics






Combining Systems






Machines Throughout History






People & Machines


Learn Alberta Website




Unit 4 Review



Exam Bank Website






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