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Grade 9 Science






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Unit 5

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Biological Diversity

Matter & Chemical Change

Environmental Chemistry

Electrical Principles

Space Exploration








Grade 9 Field Trip Forms

 Biological Diversity & Survival

Exploring Matter 

A Hair-raising Dilemma 

Electric Charges 

Unit 5 Vocabulary Terms


Field Trip

Habitat & Lifestyle 

 Changes In Matter

 A Growing Concern

 Electricity Within A Circuit

For Our Eyes Only 

Zoo Tour

Field Trip

Topic 1-2 Wrap Up 

 What Are Elements

 Topic 1-2 Wrap Up

 Resisting The Movement Of Charge

 Stronger Eyes & Better Numbers


 Passing It On I

Topic 1-3 Wrap Up

 Topic 3 Wrap Up

 Series vs. Parallel

Topic 1-2 Wrap Up

Deductive Reasoning

 Passing It On II

 Classifying Elements

How Much Is Too Much 

 The Energy Connection

 The Spectroscope – New Meanings In Light


 Wearing Your Genes

 The Periodic Table

 Getting Away From It All

Portable Power

 Bigger & Better Telescopes


 When Plans Change

 Chemical Compounds I

 NIMBY – There Is No Away In Throwing

Topic 4-5 Wrap Up 

 What Channel Is That

How To Write A Lab Report

 Topic 3-5 Wrap Up

Chemical Compounds II 

Topic 4-6 Wrap Up 

 Generators & Motors

 Above The Atmosphere & Under Control

 Lab Report Marksheet

 The Best Selection

 Topic 4-6 Wrap Up

 Unit 3 Review

Electricity In The Home

 The Solar System Up Close

  Sample Lab Report 3-G

The Sixth Extinction

 Chemical Reactions


 Electrical Production & The Environment

Data Card For The

Inner Planets


Pains & Gains

 Reaction Rates


  Unit 4 Review

 Data Card For The

Outer Planets

Quest A Plus Website 

Topic 6-8 Wrap Up

 Topic 7-8 Wrap Up



  People In Space

Learn Alberta Website

 Unit 1 Review

 Unit 2 Review 



  Unit 5 Review


Exam Bank Website






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 Frog Dissection Demo

 Interactive Periodic Table Of The Elements