Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Sherwood School is located in the community of Lynnwood, with a current student population of about 415 students.  The school was built in 1956, and hosts grade four to six students from Ogden and Lynnwood, as well as grade seven to nine students from Ogden, Lynnwood, Riverbend, and Mahogany.  The feeder schools for Sherwood are Banting & Best School and Riverbend School. 

Students and parents say that the teachers at Sherwood are caring, devoted, and understanding of middle school students.  

Course Selection

There are a wide range of subjects offered at Sherwood. Core classes are Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education. Complementary Programs include: Accelerated English, Art, Business Design, Band, Choir, Community Service, Construction, Drama, Environmental Stewardship, Foods, Fashion, Power Up, Recreational Leadership, and World History.

Recent renovations and upgrades have been made to the Foods Room and the Construction Shop, equipping them with efficient, up to date equipment.


Special Events
The school hosts numerous special events such as Remembrance Day Assembly, and the Celebration of Learning, as well as seasonal Band and Music concerts.  


Our morning Breakfast Store (open before school) allows students to purchase a “Breakfast Bag” (bagel, juice, cheese or yogurt ) for a reasonable price.

At lunch, there is a canteen with snacks for purchase.  Nearby the school, our grade seven to nine students enjoy buying lunch from Mozy’s Café, Canadian Pizza Unlimited, and the two convenience stores nearby.

As a fundraising initiative, we have scheduled Healthy Hunger lunches (

Extra-Curricular Activities

At lunch and after school, there are also many activities happening for all grades. Some of the offerings are: Art Club, Yoga Club, Games Club, Choir, BYTE Camp, Construction Club, Nerd Club, Guitar, Creative Native, Learn to Play, Can Learn, and several YMCA after school programs.


Sherwood is well-known within Calgary and Alberta for its extensive athletics and student leadership programs. Sports teams include: Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-Country Running, Badminton, Wrestling, and Track and Field.  Sherwood teams play in and host many tournaments such as Centaur Digfest Volleyball Tournament and the Yeti Basketball Tournament. Sherwood has also hosted Developmental Volleyball and Basketball league games and tournaments for grade six students in the past two years.

 Community Involvement

Sherwood students are involved in their community and as global citizens in many ways. They participate in We Day, donate food to the Veterans Food Bank, and in the recent past have participated in fundraising for Toy Angels, Pennies for Puppies, and Toonies for Terry.  Students have also raised money to help build a school, house and water well in Uganda. 

Sherwood is home to the Starburst, WiseGuyz, and Act Out programs.

Grade 9

In June of each year Grade 9 students celebrate their time at Sherwood with an evening event. These festivities are accompanied by the Grade 9 Stage Crossing Ceremony at the school.

Sherwood students transitioning to Grade 10 who live in Lynnwood and Ogden may choose to attend Western or Central Memorial High School.  Those who live in Riverbend are designated to Central Memorial High School, and those living in Mahogany are designated to Henry Wise Wood High School.