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Principal's Message | April

Hello parents and guardians,

We think spring is here… we would like to invite you to our annual Celebration of Learning on Thursday, April 26th. This is our annual showcase of Sherwood School Programs. More details will be coming via email.

As we get ready for our final few months of the year, please support your children with their homework and preparations for PATs (grade 6 and 9 students only). PATs are a valuable tool to help us understand your child’s learning.

Please have a look at some summer camp opportunities for your children:

Student Cell Phone Use

We are noticing an increase in the number of students with cell phones. We are also noticing in increase in the number of students who are choosing to not adhere to their teachers expectations with cell phones.

Cell phones can be an excellent tool for communication and research, but also have the potential to be a distraction to some students and teachers. We are seeking your help in helping our students understand that while we acknowledge the presence and benefits of cell phones in our school, it is important that all students have a firm understanding of their teachers expectations around cell phones in class.

Each teacher, depending on the program, has an expectation around cell phones. In some classes cell phones and other devices can be a safety hazard and so the expectation that cell phones remain in the child’s backpack or locker needs to be honoured. Other teachers may have an allowance for cell phone use under certain conditions (for example, when permission has been asked for, when working quietly, to help the child remain focused while listening to music, to do research, to write, to complete a survey, etc).

The benefits for all students honouring their teachers expectations are many, most noticeably that there is more time for teachers to help students with their school work as opposed to unnecessary conversations about the phones. Consequences for noncompliance include the teacher reminding the student of the classroom expectations, confiscation of the phone for a short or extended period of time, phone calls home, etc. Please support us by not calling or texting your children during instructional time We appreciate you having conversations with your children about their teacher’s expectations with cell phones.

On behalf of our school staff, we thank you for your continued support of our school.

Lori J. Gaffney