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Principal's Message | December 2017

Dear parents and guardians,

We would like to introduce you to Veronica Callaghan who is replacing Janis Weasel Bear as our Indigenous Student Success Coach. Please feel free to contact her at

We would like to thank you all for attending parent-teacher interviews. We appreciate you taking the time to come in to discuss your child’s successes and areas for continued growth. As we get into second semester, our grade 9s will begin thinking about high school. Being prepared for class on a daily basis, with a binder, paper, pen, pencil and calculator will be an asset to all student’s success. Please help us by ensuring that your child is prepared each day with everything he/she needs to bring.

Please dress for the weather. Winter boots and coats are important for getting to and from school, especially on days when the busses are delayed.

Please also be reminded to send your children to school with ample food to get them through the day. Healthy meals and snacks are critical to your child’s ability to learn. Sherwood does not have a hot meal program, but we do sell some healthy snacks out of the canteen at lunch. Be advised, however, that these are not meal sized snacks. Basketball and wrestling practices and games for January/February will be posted to the school website under the “Athletics” tab in the coming weeks.

We are excited about all of the off-site activities available to students. Please be reminded to return your child’s permission forms on time. Event seating and bussing is set by the numbers of students handing in their forms by a deadline. Note that missing this deadline will likely mean that your child will be unable to attend the event.

Thank-you for your continued support of Sherwood School

Lori Gaffney