The Sherwood Board of Astronmy is anxiously awaiting the results of your Sky Science investigation. They would appreciate results of your research presented in for form of a Sky Science accordion foldable. Your Lead Astronmer, Ms Annand, has a sample for your guidance.

The Sky Science Research foldable will consist of a minimum of ten sections:

Key Questions to be researched and answered

  1. How Big is the Universe?
  2. The Members of Our Solar System Family
  3. What is a Constellation?
  4. Space Probes: What they are and What they do!
  5. Astronomy Past and Present
  6. Night and Day
  7. Seasons
  8. Phases of the Moon
  9. Eclipses
  10. Tides

Your presentation, the Sky Science Research foldable, will require your exploration of a variety of resources including the internet, text, videos.