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The Teacher Training Commons (TTC) is a professional learning space located mid-city at Sherwood School and is a grassroots approach to supporting teaching and learning in the both Career and Technology Foundations and Career and Technology Studies programs.

A series of professional learning opportunities are hosted at Sherwood for both teachers and support staff since February, 2016. The TTC has since become a hub for CTF and CTS teachers for embedded personalized professional learning.

"The Teacher Training Commons is one of the ways we are proud to support our colleagues," according to Learning Specialist Warren Ferguson, who proposed the partnership between Sherwood School, Learning, and Integration and Environmental Services. "The TTC offers collaborative professional learning in the presence of peers.  Our partnership with Sherwood School has allowed us to develop new relationships."

"Since its beginning as a small, round table discussion between colleagues, the TTC has become a contemporary learning space for teachers, students and community partners,” says Sherwood Learning Leader Vanessa Munroe.

The planning group includes Learning Director Chris Meaden, Area IV Director Calvin Davies, FES’s Ross Jaques, Sherwood Principal Lori Gaffney, Sherwood Learning Leaders Vanessa Munroe and Jennifer Tsang and Specialists Steve Makowski and Warren Ferguson. Red Seal teacher Bruce Boyce and Nadeen Halls were also an instrumental part of this team.

Munroe suggests that the concept of the TTC originated out of the desire of CTF and CTS teachers to form a professional learning circle that would inform and train teachers about safety and best practices within the various career and trade pathways.

Over the past few months, participants have been collaborating in the creation of various projects that tie directly to high quality task design and assessment within the integrated Alberta Programs of Study. Allowing teachers and experts to work together to visualize how inquiry-based and project-based learning go hand-in hand has been key to the TTC's success.

Learning Director Chris Meaden agrees. "We value these benefits of our Teacher Training Commons: the opportunity to learn from experts, the collaboration, the hands-on focus and the professional choice," she says.

All parties leave the training sessions feeling inspired and supported by their colleagues.  As with all CBE initiatives, the TTC is first and foremost student-centred.  "students are the focus of our work and they are ultimately the beneficiaries of any training program," concludes Ferguson.

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