Calgary Board of Education

Absences and Lates

The attendance line is open 24 hrs. 777-7900 ext 1

We would like to remind Parents/Guardians that our absentee line is open 24 hours a day. We have several students that do not get reported absent and a call needs to be made to reach a parent. This is very time consuming for the office staff and we are not always able to reach someone therefore a message is left to let you know that your child was reported absent by the homeroom teacher.

Calls from students or siblings are not accepted in the office . We need to hear from the Parents/Guardians to ensure that you are aware of the absence and rule out skipping.

Please ensure that your child knows to contact you should they become ill after you’ve left for work so that you may contact the school.

When a child arrives late at school even if he/she is returning from an appointment, they need to report to the office for a late slip to be re-admitted to class. We often make calls home to report students absent and find out that they did come to school and simply slipped into class without reporting to the office.

What to do when your child will be away from school for more than 3 days

Child needs to pick up an"Extended Leave" form from the office. This form needs to be completed and signed by a parent if they have not sent in a note explaining the absence and length, then it is the child’s responsibility to go see all of his/her teachers to obtain the assignments missed during their absence. Once they have completed this task they are to return the form to the office so that we may obtain a copy to ensure child is marked appropriately on the attendance record.

These procedures are clearly outlined in the Student Handbook.