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Fairview School

7840 Fairmount Dr S.E.
Calgary, AB T2H 0Y1
t | 403-777-7900
f | 403-253-8614
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Principal | Ms. T. McCoag
Assistant Principal | Mr. B. Banack



Office Hours 2017-18

Monday through Thursday
8:30 - 4:30

8:30 - 2:30

Voicemail Instructions

Parents are able to access a number of useful mailboxes by phone, including an absence/late mailbox and individual teacher mailboxes. You can access voicemail by dialing 403-777-7900, then the extension from the list here.


Email is a very effective tool for communicating with your child's school. Use the addresses below to contact specific staff here at Fairview. You will need javascript enabled on your computer to see these email links.

  Voicemail Email
Fairview School 0
Attendance Line 1  
Ms. T. McCoag, Principal 0
Mr. B. Banack, Assitant Principal 0
Ms. C. Coderre,
Administrative Assistant
Ms. M. Moar, Secretary 0
Ms. S. Turner, Office Assistant 0
Teaching Staff    
  Ms. L. Adams 3237
  Ms. L. Allison-Laird 4227
  Mr. W. Anderson 3106
  Ms. J. Bell 3323
  Mr. D. Brietzke 4227
  M. R. DeGelder          3102
  Mr. B. Doerksen 3204
  Mr. J. Drinkle 3108
  Mr. R. Franklin 3122

  Mr. C. Gerein 3104

  Ms. C. Hansen 3111
  Ms. G. Hiley 3233
  Ms. K. Howard 3143
  Ms. M. Johnson          3238
  Mr. W. Kinjo 3206
  Ms. S. Kuznik 3234
  Ms. M. Lapier 4227
  Ms. M. Lawson           3209
  Ms. S. Lee 3235
  Mr. M. Levitt 3138
  Ms. C. MacDermott 3205
  Mr. G. Myers 3140
  Ms. R. Paton               3132
  Ms. K. Radies 3134
  Mrs. M. Roach 3239
  Ms. S. Robertson 3141
  Mr. P. Rounding 3232
  Mrs. J. Shoults 3103
  Mrs. J. Solomon 3110
  Ms. N. Taub                3105 nataub
  Mrs. S. Wagner 4227
  Mrs. L. Wu 3101