Calgary Board of Education

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Mount Royal School’s ESL Program

For ESL homework, log on to Desire2Learn.  You can access this by clicking here


There are 3 ESL programs offered at Mount Royal School:
Level 1 (Literacy): taught by Mr. T. Gray      
Level 2 (Beginner): taught by Ms. S. Moore  
Level 3 (Intermediate): taught by Ms. J. Bohnet

Level 4 & 5 ESL students are fully integrated into regular classes.

All ESL classes are heavily structured around 4 areas of the English Language: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. These 4 components are based upon the ESL benchmarks outlined in the ESL Program Expectations.  Students’ participation in class and in these 4 areas is essential to their progress in English and advancement into regular classes.

Students who want to progress in English at a more rapid pace should spend time at home practicing their English skills through reading English books, writing, learning unknown English words, and speaking English as much as possible. 

Level 1: Level 1 ESL students have had interruptions in previous schooling and need intensive language and academic instruction.  These students attend ESL classes in place of Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science.  When these students meet the Level 2 ESL benchmarks, they move on to Beginner ESL classes.

Level 2:  Level 2 ESL students attend regular Math & Science classes, and attend Beginner ESL classes in place of Language Arts and Social Studies.  Elements of both the Language Arts & Social Studies curriculum are covered in Beginner ESL.   When these students meet the Level 3 ESL benchmarks, they move on to Intermediate ESL classes. 

Level 3: Level 3 ESL students attend regular Math, Science, and Social Studies classes and attend Intermediate ESL classes in place of Language Arts.  The Intermediate ESL program closely follows the regular Language Arts Program, and is designed to prepare students for regular Language Arts classes. When students meet the Level 4 ESL benchmarks, they move on to regular Language Arts classes.

At Mount Royal we also offer an ESL Support option class that ESL students may choose to attend to further improve their English skills and get support for their regular class assignments.  This option is available each term and we encourage those students who are new to Canada to sign up for this option.

For further information on each of the above ESL programs, refer to the curriculum newsletter that your son or daughter will have received at the start of the school year.

Feel free to contact your child’s ESL teacher by e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.