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¡Que Pasa! ¡Que Show!

On Monday, May 7, Spanish bilingual program school students from across the CBE came together at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium for an evening in celebration of Spanish language, music and culture. Twelve Spanish bilingual schools were represented by over 750 student performers in an extravaganza of song, dance and art.


Audience members were treated to a program that included songs from various Latin American countries and Spain as well as traditional dances from Spanish-speaking countries. The grand finale was a special treat with all performers filling the stage and aisles to sing together – accompanied by a jazz combo from William Aberhart High School.


Many thanks go out to the organizers of this event, in particular - CADME (Canadian Association for the Development of Music Education) - for their financial and logistical support.




Transit Rebate Discontinued for 2018-2019

On Tuesday, May 22, families received an email announcing the 2018-19 transportation service levels and fees. At the start of the 2017-18 school year students from our school moved to Calgary Transit as their mode of transportation to and from school.


For the 2018-19 school year, students will continue to access Calgary Transit as a transportation service option.


Last fall, the Calgary Board of Education provided a one-year transition rebate for the 2017-18 school year to most families at our school because the move to Calgary Transit was new for students in their community. As this is no longer a new service level, CBE will no longer provide the transit rebate. Families will be responsible for the entire cost of monthly passes for students. This is the same cost as all other students attending an Alternative Program and using Calgary Transit. Please note that the City of Calgary offers a Fair Entry program that offers low-income bus passes.


June NW and North Central French Immersion Sessions


The CBE is in the midst of gathering perspectives from students, parents, staff and others on the Early and Late French Immersion Programs in northwest and north central Calgary (see engagement roadmap). To ensure we reach all families who may be interested in the Early and Late French Immersion Programs, we will be sharing information periodically about opportunities to get involved.

Invitation | As we continue the second phase of the northwest and north central French Immersion Programs engagement, we invite you to participate in scenario discussions at upcoming June sessions and through an online opportunity. Visit our Community Engagement Page to register for in-person sessions.

Scenarios | We are drafting scenarios considering all combined input and feedback to date along with CBE values and planning principles, available space in schools, financial sustainability, government legislation and more. Draft scenarios identified four additional schools to be included in the engagement process: Eric Harvie, F.E. Osborne, Tuscany and Twelve Mile Coulee. Scenarios will be posted by end of day June 1, 2018.

Find out more | If you have questions about this engagement, please email You can also find more information about this initiative at




May Newsletter now online


May 21 No School – Victoria Day
May 21 Barcelona students leave Calgary
May 24-25 – Gr. 6 U of C Spanish Camp
May 24 – Gr. 7-9 Band Concert, 7:00 pm
May 25 – Gr. 8 Field Trip- Calaway Park
May 29 - School Council Meeting 8:30 am
May 29 Volunteer Tea 10:00
May 29 Gr. 7 Field Trip-Nose Hill Park
May 30 “Book Tasting Fair”, Learning
May 30 – Jun 1 – Gr 8 Bottle Drive
Jun 4 – Gr. 7 Spoken Word Residency
Jun 5 – Gr. 9 Vaccines-Catch-Up
Jun 7 – Gr. 9 Farewell Ceremony 5:30
Jun 7 – Gr. 9 Field Trip
Jun 11 - Gr. 7 Spoken Word Residency
Jun 14 – Gr. 6 Science PAT
Jun 15 - Gr. 7 Spoken Word Celebration
Jun 15 – G. 6 ELA PAT Part 2
Jun 18 – Gr. 6 Math PAT
Jun 19 – Gr. 6 Social Studies PAT
Jun 20 – Gr. 9 Science PAT
Jun 22 – Gr. 9 ELA Part 2
Jun 25 – Gr. 9 Math
Jun 25 – Year-End Assembly 2:00
Jun 26 – Gr. 9 Social Studies
Gr. 6 Field Trip, Calaway Park
Gr. 7 Field Trip, Confederation Park
Last Day of School, Term 2 Report


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