Calgary Board of Education


Student Advocacy Group

The Student Advocacy Group is about listening to student voice.  Many different topics come up about how to create a great school, from the students’ perspective.  SAG is a place where the Principal, teachers and students come together to make decisions, such as those related to the student dress code and school dances. We work in conjunction with other in-school groups, such as “Free the Children Club,” “Queer Straight Alliance,” and Leadership classes to move decisions into action. SAG meets twice monthly, from September to May, during lunch in the Conference Room. SAG maintains a Question box for all students to use and encourages questions to the box for discussion at the next SAG meeting.

Upcoming Meetings

October 19th, November 9th, November 23rd and December 7th


Sept. 29 Oct. 19 Nov. 9 Nov. 23 Dec. 7