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About Our School

Senator Patrick Burns School: Three Pillars

We All Belong

At Senator Patrick Burns School, we honour our diversity as a middle school of choice in the Calgary Board of Education.  Students from Grades 6-9 come from 50 different neighborhoods in Calgary, representing varying family backgrounds, developmental needs, interests and aspirations.  Teachers, support staff and coaches represent varying cultures, languages and life / professional experiences.  Everyone has a rightful place at Senator Patrick Burns. 

We consider this place to be our home away from home, our school family. 

We all belong.

We Value Choice

At Senator Patrick Burns we are proud to be an International Spanish Academy (Gr. 6-9) and an English Community Program (Gr. 7-9).  Additionally, we host a external, service provider agreement with the National Sport Academy (Gr. 8-9), which offers sport-specific training to students in hockey and baseball.

We uphold the vision of the Calgary Board of Education: a dynamic learning community of choice, where we provide quality learning opportunities and options, and where we take ownership by discovering and developing each student’s potential, passions and gifts. 

Each program of choice is accompanied by a unique framework and allows for creative resourcing in order to open up as many avenues to learning as possible.  We commit to making each program of choice a sustainable one, thereby providing long-term gratification for students, families, and staff.

We value choice.

Relevancy in Learning Matter

At Senator Patrick Burns we influence, mentor and educate young people at a critical time in their lives.  Assimilating the changes of the middle school learner can be fostered through creating a safe and stimulating environment for learning.  This environment must allow students and their teachers to grapple with issues and ideas that really matter to them, in their own lives and communities, and in the wider societal context.

We design curriculum together as a joint endeavor between students, adults and the factors in our environment.

Relevancy in learning matters.