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Parent Transportation Facebook Page

June 6, 2017

For interested families that attend Senator Patrick Burns, or its Feeder Schools, and are affected by the recent transportation changes, there is a Facebook page set up that you can use as a resource going forward.  Note that this Facebook page is not endorsed by the CBE, but rather organized by a grassroots parent group, under the auspice of the SPB school council.

This Facebook page is for families who reside in Tuscany, Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge, Valley Ridge and Crestmont. 

The page is a closed page for security reasons, and can be accessed by searching “SPB Transportation”, after you log into Facebook

The SPB Transportation group will appear and then you can send a request to join.   Once you join you will be able to see other members, and posts made by other members.

The purpose of this Facebook Page is to connect parents who live in a close proximity, to provide information/assistance with:

  • Car-Pooling:  whether you are offering car-pooling, or are in need of car-pooling, this can be a point of contact for parents to pre-arrange, or ask for assistance with last minute needs
  • Safe Meeting Points:  if you are a parent taking your child to the C-Train or Bus Stop and are able to send out a post notifying parents where you are, they can then send their children to that stop knowing there is a parent at the stop already
  • Safety Updates:  if you see anything suspicious (please remember this is for actual suspicious activity, not to be exaggerated to instil unneeded fear) or any incidents occurring at a bus stop/c-train that you feel other parents should know before sending their children on their way to school that day, you can post here
  • Updates:  as you hear transportation updates from the school, CBE or the Government, feel free to post these updates.  Please note you MUST check the source of your post prior to posting, to ensure the information you are sharing is accurate
  • Solutions:  if you as a parent have found a viable solution for transportation that you would like other parents to be aware of.  Or if you have success using other modes of transportation (whether it be Taxi, Uber, parents of other children offering driving services at a cost, etc) please share your information here

Ultimately the goal of this Facebook Group is to help parents transition their students, and travel safely while using CTS.  This is a private page that is controlled by parents of children who attend SPB and is not related to CBE or any other formal bodies.

Email your school council chair for more information: