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Assistant Principal’s Message | March 2018

In school, as in life, small decisions can sometimes hold great impact. Earlier in the fall, an SPB school family donated a 100 year-old Canadian heirloom piano. Thank you, again, to the Kilchner family! We were thrilled with the gift and immediately began to use it, giving it a resounding inauguration at the Student-Led Talent Show in December. Thereafter, Ms. Benfield wondered where to should be stored. She wondered about opening a sing-along club at lunch in the Drama Room. She wondered about keeping it safe and out-of-reach behind the closed door of the Climbing Wall area. She finally settled on a daring proposal: make it as available as possible for public use.

Over the last month the hallways of SPB have resounded with music. Sometimes accomplished players slide up and shyly shake out an exam piece they have until now only been practicing in the privacy of their family piano rooms. Often novice players will come and teach a friend a little, easy duet (that one that we all seem to have learned once upon a time, played with one’s knuckles!). Increasingly, students are downloading a piano app on their cell phones to experiment with playing for the first time. The Japanese Community School that uses SPB facilities on Saturday sounds as though it has been converted into a music school. Always, during nutrition break, lunchtime and especially before and after school, large groups of students and teachers have begun to gather around the piano in the main foyer. It has become like the new watering hole, the equivalent of the coffee machine in a corporate office environment.

Come and experience the cacophony of happy playing yourself one of these days.

We have spent a lot of time attempting to lure students away from their everpresent cell phones. We have even considered banning them at lunchtime in order to coax students back into the land of the living. Now, with one small change, we have created a new and interactive social experiment in the main foyer. It has served as a powerful reminder of a creative approach used in solving complex problems in the learning environment. This is the sort of recklessness sometimes needed in education – the ability to think outside of the box and then carefully observe the subtle impact that occurs as a result of an educational decision.

“Creativity is contagious; pass it on.” -Albert Einstein

Sra. Krickhan, Principal/Directora