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All students should have their own copy of 

  1. 501 Spanish Verbs
  2. Spanish English dictionary:  there are APPS for this function. If a paper copy is preferred, VOX  is student friendly.


Spanish Language Arts
Grade 5 & 6
Learn Alberta has created an excellent interactive web site for students learning Spanish. This would be a fun way to review vocabulary, listening skills and basic grammar concepts.  To log on you will need the following information:
Username: LA06
Password: 4105

Cervantes has created a web site for younger audience learning Spanish.  This site is probably too easy for our students at SPB but perhaps it could be used for siblings or just for fun students would enjoy the music and interactive activities.

All Levels
Cervantes Institute has a world-renowned site for learning Spanish that appeals to all levels of learners.  It is considered the most comprehensive online Spanish course, with the guarantee of the Cervantes Institute.  SPB subscribes to this site annually to offer our students and parents access to this world renowned site.  To log on the Username is:     senatorpat        password  is:  12345

Interactive math activities – students can select the grade and the concept to improve their understanding  in both English and Spanish.
Biblioteca Nacional de Manipuladores Virtuales

Pearson Hall Mathematics  Course 1 is geared for Gr 6 & 7.  Course 2 for Gr 7 & 8.  Course 3 for Gr. 8 & 9.  This is a US resource so concepts do not always align by grade with Alberta Education Outcomes.   It is highly recommended that students review a concept that was taught in class by viewing the Homework Video Tutors.