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Classroom Updates

Newsletter & Calendar

February Newsletter February Calendar
2 New Options begin for Grade 8 & 9
3 7th Step Presentation 9A 1:40-2:40 pm
4 7th Step Presentation 9B
8-8:58 am

Directed Study

Flex Friday
8 7th Step Presentation 9C 10:04-11:02 am
9 7th Step Presentation 9D 11:02-12pm

Teacher Convention

No Classes

15 Family Day No School

Band Parents Society Meeting 7pm

Gr. 9 P.A.R.T.Y. Program

17 School Council & Parent Society Meeting 6:30 at McKenzie Towne School

Directed Study

Flex Friday

22-26 Hosting Basketball Playoffs
22 Gr. 9 Vaccination Presentation
23 Gr. 9 Vaccinations
24 Gr. 4 Visit to DTS
25 Registration for LBHS | All Day

Directed Study

Flex Friday

28-4 Bamfield Trip
9 Outdoor School Mandatory Parent Meeting 7 pm
15 Band Parent Society Meeting 7 pm
16 School Council and Parent Society Meeting 7 pm
17 Last day of Classes before spring break

PD/Org Day

No Classes for Students
21-28 Spring Break
29 Classes Resume
30 Grade 9 Vaccinations


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News & Updates

>Jan. 28, 2016 | Construction Update for McKenzie Highlands School (pdf)

>Jan. 28, 2016 | Construction Update for Dr. Martha Cohen School (pdf)

>Jan. 26, 2016 | Letter from new principal of Dr. Martha Cohen School (pdf)

>Jan. 26, 2016 | Letter from new principal of McKenzie Highlands School (pdf)

>Dec. 16, 2015 | New High School Opening in New Brighton (pdf)

>School Development Plan 2015-16

>School Results Report | 2014-15

>Option Descriptions 2015

>Nov. 10, 2015 | New school walk zone survey letter (pdf)

>Bus Maps

>Student Handbook | 2015-16

>School Acceptable Use Policy

>Tiger Cafe Menu

DTS School Spirit Merchandise Available for Order
Until Feb. 12, 2016

All orders must be placed by Feb. 12, 2016 through the online webstore. If you have questions about sizing, or would like to see an example of the products, they will be available to view in the PE office. Because these items are considered special order there are NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES. Completed orders will be delivered to the school for pick up by March 7, 2016.


Please note upon check out, there is a form that mentions personalization, please note personalization is NOT AVAILABLE, and this field is used for distribution purpose only (so, the school knows the student name that the order is for).


Access Code is: 832818


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Protection Against Measles | Vaccine Reminder

Alberta Health Services

Jan. 2016


Dear School Parents, Staff and Vounteers


Measles is an illness that can sometimes cause severe health problems and occasionally death. It can be prevented by the measles vaccine. A school exposure occurs when a person with measles is present at the school. Persons who attend, work or volunteer at that school are at risk of getting measles. When there is a school measure exposure [...]


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>Fee Waiver - Should I Apply | 2015-16

>Fee Waiver - Application | 2015-16

>K-6 Noon Supervision Registration & Fees | 2015-16

>School Bus Transportation Registration & Fees for Bus Eligible Students | 2015-16

>Register Online for Fall Transportation and Noon Supervision

>Expression of Interest | School Bus Transportation for Conditional Rider

CBE News
New School Construction

>New Brighton/Copperfield Middle School project page

>Name selected for new middle school in New Brighton/Copperfield | May 4, 2015

>McKenzie Towne Middle School project page

>Name selected for new middle school in McKenzie Towne | May 4, 2015

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